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Atalo Holdings, an agriculture and biotechnology firm specializing in research, development and production of industrial hemp. Based in Winchester, Kentucky, the company focuses on developing reliable pathways to market for  consistent hemp CBD, superfood and fiber with emphasis on traceable, certified seed genetics, proven agronomics, and the mechanization of growing and harvesting.  Atalo has leveraged university research projects, strong legislative and political relationships, along with a network of experienced farmers to be an innovator in progressive, cost-effective and scalable hemp production. The company sells bulk hemp biomass grown with love by its Growers’ Group.

Atalo recently launched new subsidiary, Hemp Knowbility, to provide consulting and provide quality seed for both new and established hemp growers. To learn more, go to  

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Did you know...?
The US Government has a patent on Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants.

Cannabis Business Times Q&A with Andy Graves

Atalo CEO Andy Graves talks to Cannabis Business Times about creating access to markets for hemp farmers through better agronomics and traceable cultivars. See Andy in Las Vegas on April 23rd.

Atalo and Guest Posts

Atalo Events

Paris Las Vegas Cannabis Business Conference

Atalo Chairman Andy Graves will be presenting on Thursday April 23 at 10am about agronomics, seed genetics, and navigating the turbulent white water of the current hemp industry.


Atalo is providing certified seed and agronomic support for the research project, which will be looking at what chemical, gene expression and other changes may occur in the hemp plant when exposed to zero G and how such changes may affect the plant’s efficacy relative to food, fiber and medicine.

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