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Founded in 2014, Atalo Holdings, Inc.
is a vertically-integrated agriculture and biotechnology firm specializing in research, development and production of industrial hemp. Based in Winchester, Kentucky, the company focuses on internationally certified seed genetics, proven agronomics, and the mechanization of growing and harvesting hemp. Atalo has leveraged university research projects, strong legislative and political relationships, along with an expansive Growers’ Group of over 100 experienced farmers to be an innovator in progressive, cost-effective and scalable hemp production. The company operates state-of the-art extraction and processing facilities to manufacture and sell bulk and white label Superfood and CBD products. To learn more, go to

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The US Government has a patent on Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants.

‘Hemp has exploded’ in Kentucky. What that means for new jobs, investment

Hemp fields in Kentucky are multiplying. So, too, is the field of hemp-related jobs — both inside and outside the agricultural sector. At 60,000 acres, Kentucky has the most hemp acreage of any state, besting even Colorado, a known hemp (and marijuana) production giant. That is just one reason Hemp Industry Daily named Kentucky the second most prominent state in hemp production in 2018. Last week, Atalo Holdings announced the opening of a large hemp processing facility in Winchester. That facility — Atalo’s second in Kentucky to date — will clock in at over 50,000 square feet.

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Atalo is providing certified seed and agronomic support for the research project, which will be looking at what chemical, gene expression and other changes may occur in the hemp plant when exposed to zero G and how such changes may affect the plant’s efficacy relative to food, fiber and medicine.

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