April 19, 2019
FR: Atalo Holdings, Inc.
RE: Hemp Research Project Aboard International Space Station

What if the next great medical break-through happens off the planet earth?

Join us for a special webinar on April 22nd from 1:30pm-2:00pmET for a look at our upcoming unique mission to study hemp and its constituents in microgravity aboard the International Space Station (ISS).  Atalo is providing certified seed and agronomic support for the research project, which will be looking at what chemical, gene expression and other changes may occur in the hemp plant when exposed to zero G and how such changes may affect the plant’s efficacy relative to food, fiber and medicine.

Our first launch of the project will occur aboard SpaceX-CRS17 from Cape Canaveral, scheduled for 4:22amET on Tuesday April 30th. Prior to launch, please join us for an informative 25-minute webinar at 1:30pmET on April 22nd where collaborating scientist, Dr. Joe Chappell and Space Tango chairman, Kris Kimel will explain the project.

To register for the Webinar go to:

Space Tango www.spacetango.com is one of a select few companies worldwide to have permanently installed research labs aboard ISS.  According to Space Tango chairman, Kris Kimel, “We have studied fiber optics, retinal implants, novel approaches involving new drugs and treatments including cancer, organs-on-chips, and have extensive experience with plant biology off the planet earth.  We’re excited to pair our unique advantage with the vast unknown potential of the hemp plant.”
Contact:  Kris Kimel kkimel@spacetango.com 859-2296161

Atalo Holdings, Inc. www.ataloholdings.com is a U.S.-based, vertically-integrated agriculture and biotechnology company specializing in research, development and commercialization of industrial hemp.  Atalo CEO, William Hilliard comments, “The potential for the hemp plant is just beginning to unfold.  Atalo has a longstanding interest in preserving and enhancing hemp cultivars for the betterment of the farmer and the consumer. This project perfectly fits our research mission.”
Contact: Bill Hilliard bhilliard@ataloholdings.com

For more information, contact Kris Kimel, Co-Founder and Chairman, Space Tango at kkimel@spacetango.com or 859-229-6161


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