Mason County CONTRACTING Meeting

Maysville Community & Technical College (Crockett Auditorium)

Atalo will be hosting contracting and agronomy meetings in 5 locations to better suit travel needs of growers.  NOTE:  No pricing or contracts will be released until the meeting dates.

Growers who intend to contract with Atalo are required to attend one contract meeting and one agronomy meeting.  You can choose which meetings and locations best suit your needs.  If you need to attend a contracting meeting in one location and an agronomy meeting in another location, that is perfectly fine.

Now is the time to be planning.  Please keep in mind it is vital to coordinate with neighboring hemp farmers to see which model they intend to grow.  Atalo requires a 5 acre minimum commitment from growers.  It is imperative that a crop planted with clones or feminized seed is not planted within at least a 5-mile radius of a crop containing seed/males.  Atalo will source your planting materials or assist you with growing your own transplants.  Atalo will disburse clones and feminized seed based on geographical feasibility.

All licensed growers in Kentucky and Tennessee are welcome to attend these meetings.  If you have a neighbor who you would recommend as a quality, licensed grower, please feel free to invite them as well.

Please RSVP to Joyce at 859-559-4550 or with which meetings you will attend.

Rhonda Cornett, Director of Grower Communications,

Robbie VanHook, Director of Grower Agronomy & Crop Logistics,

Brent Cornett, Director of Agronomic Research and Development,

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