Grower Group Requirements

  • Good labor source
    • Hemp requires as much labor as a tobacco or vegetable crop.  Therefore, it is critical that you have a ready and willing labor force available to work in your crop in a timely manner.  H2A labor is extremely beneficial.
  • Equipment to plant, cultivate, and harvest
    • Growers will need tractors, either a precision planter or tobacco/water-wheel setter, cultivators, wagons, barns, and potentially greenhouses
  • Facilities to dry and strip the crop
    • Growers must have the ability to dry their crop without damaging CBD content.  The crop must also be stripped free from stalk and be relatively from all stem materials.
  • Minimum of 5 acres to be committed to hemp production.
    • Atalo focuses on scalability of acreage.  We prefer growers who have the ability to scale up each year.

Apply to Become an Atalo Grower

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