Atalo often receives stories from hemp enthusiasts, which we share with you. We make no claims or recommendations about Hemp Extract or Superfood use. Hemp products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent, or alleviate any disease or disorder.  However, we love to hear and convey YOUR stories about your  experience!

Thank you for sharing!

From: Cynthia B.  January 2018

I have a genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis, NF1.  One of the manifestations of this disorder is the eruption of nodules or tumors.  When these occur, the itching can be terrible.  I heard about Full Spectrum Farm Grown Hemp Extract and decided to try it.  I have been using it for approximately 3 weeks, one dropper daily of the 25mg/ml tincture. I am pleased to say that my chronic itching has been greatly reduced.  The relief is incredible.

* * *

From:  Tina B. August 2017

I have suffered with daily headaches for over 15 years. No one has been able to explain my headaches and the medications don’t do a thing for the headaches. After talking to a friend about her experience with CBD oil, I decided to try it. The CBD oil takes my headaches away! I don’t have to take ibuprofen or anything else for the headaches. I sleep better and feel more rested in the mornings. I’m so glad I decided to try it! I’m headache free for about 2 months now! 

* * *

from: LibertyCBD July 2017

Hello Kyle,

We received the Atalo products and everything looks great!  I’m trying the vape carts right now and I will keep you posted on feedback on the balm and capsules.

Thank you so very much for the stellar shipping times from your end!

I had an excellent conversation the other day with Tom Hutchens. He is a wealth of wisdom and a true gentleman!

It’s rare to find such honorable folks like yourself and the Atalo team!

Talk soon, Mark

“Bringing real healing to the people”

NOTE:  Our products are produced from botanical extracts of plants grown and processed under licenses issued by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture (pursuant to its industrial hemp research pilot program) as authorized by the 2014 Federal Farm Bill, Section 7606. 2)


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