Atalo Hemp Seed is a proprietary, certified seed from an international list of approved, pedigree cultivars. Available only from Atalo

About Kentucky Hemp Seed Research and Development

Creating Value

Atalo leads the industry with our disruptive technologies in agricultural hemp and crop science. Our Hemp Research Campus incubates seed improvement, agronomics, processing, and commercialization techniques from our home in Winchester, Kentucky. Working with state and academic partners, we develop scalable technologies for sustainable, alternative protein and food-based wellness solutions in the emerging hemp industry. From Kentucky: The Hemp Capital of America™

Accelerating Innovation

At the Hemp Research Campus, we’re taking a hard look a the hemp plant from top to bottom and from “cradle the cradle.” Because industrial hemp has been a neglected crop for so long in North America, there are only negligible genetic resources available on this continent and we’re moving quickly to rebuild the germplasm for which Kentucky has been famous.

Opening Pathways to Markets

The marketable value of hemp is expanding from fiber-based products to high nutritional value protein powders and oils and functional foods and supplements containing cannabidiol. Our extraction partners provide world-class processing, purification and refinement of the full range of concentrations, consistencies and colors naturally available to whole-plant extracts.

We’ve been collaborating with our academic and international partners for 25 years in preparation for the return of hemp. With the worldwide hemp economy exploding, we’re researching wholesale and retail pathways to markets for hemp-based products.

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